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Open House at the Farm
Always the first Sunday
14:00 h - 17:00 h.

About Home for Animals

Why Does “Home for Animals” Exist?

Home for Animals is a non-profit association registered in Germany. Since 1996, animal-friends have made it their task to provide a good place for many animals, large and small, where they can live until the natural end of their life, without fear of being slaughtered. On the Johannishof at the southern edge of the Spessart forest we have grown in the meantime to have 200 animals in our care.

There are horses, donkeys, cows, lamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, pot-bellied pigs and wild pigs, foxes, rabbits and various types of water fowl, as well as peacocks, chickens and doves. They are all well cared for by a veterinarian, fed with good feed, housed in nice barns and have enough pastureland. We want to make amends on a small scale for the infinitely great suffering that was and is done to the animal world. Millions of animals are deliberately killed, hunted, shot, tortured, cruelly mistreated and much more of the same is done to them. But like us, animals are creatures of God. Like us, they love freedom and security. This is why we consider it our task to treat them accordingly.

Our Task:

We have begun in a small way to give animals a home where they may again find their spiritual standing and value. Animals are our second neighbours. They are our brothers and sisters in nature, for we are connected by one Spirit. It is the great Spirit of the cosmos, of infinity – who is love and unity.

Our Goals: